Our Roots

Lancaster Gardens started as a small retirement project for Carroll and Bernice Ordung. Carroll originally owned and operated Earl & Carroll's Market (now Apple Country Market) in Clinton for 26 years. Every spring he enjoyed helping his brother, Charlie, grow and sell seasonal starter plants from a small backyard greenhouse on Birch St. in Clinton. After Charlie passed, and Carroll retired from the store, he decided to expand their little operation. Carroll and Bernice purchased a lot of land on Route 110 in Lancaster, MA in 1970 and by the Spring of 1971 they opened up a small shop complete with two greenhouses. They worked there for many springs, supplying the local community with seasonal plants, and allowing themselves just enough work to keep busy and enjoy summers fishing on Cape Cod.


Eventually, an interest in keeping plants in the home rose dramatically and created a new market for the little flower stand. By stocking one of the small greenhouses with various cacti and houseplants, Lancaster Gardens was able to stay open year-round. By this time Carroll and Bernice's two sons had joined the team and started taking on more and more of the responsibilities. They started growing mums for the Fall, poinsettias for the winter, Easter Lilies and various bulbs for the spring along with a wide variety of summer annuals, perennials, shrubs, and trees. As the demand for all these different plants grew, so did the greenhouses. Bernice continued to work the front desk long after her husband passed, but it is now safe to say, at 99 years of age, she is finally enjoying the retired life.


Today, Lancaster Gardens remains one of the largest garden centers in the area. With over an acre of growing area added to the original shop, and a recently added floral design service, they are sure to have everything you need. Whether you are a gardening novice, or veteran, every season will bring something new and interesting.

Meet Our Team

Robert Ordung

Bob is the elder child of Carroll and Bernice and co-owner of Lancaster Gardens. He is our resident cacti, succulent and houseplant specialist. Bob lives in Lancaster with his wife, has four grown children and one grandchild.

Richard Ordung

Rick is the younger child of Carroll and Bernice and co-owner of Lancaster Gardens. He oversees the seasonal growing and maintenance aspects of the business. Rick lives in Lancaster with his wife, has three grown children, and four grandchildren!

Michael Cochran of Lancaster Gardens

Michael Cochran

Mike joined our team in 2000 and has been an invaluable member ever since. With over 27 years in the industry, he is our Head Grower and a jack-of-all-trades. Mike lives in Athol with his wife and two children.


Elizabeth Blaikie

Liz is Bob's oldest daughter and manages the retail storefront and customer relations. She is also the lead Floral Designer and can work with both potted and fresh-cut flowers. She lives in Clinton with her husband and daughter. 

As with the nature of our business, we also have multiple seasonal employees.

Come on by and say HI!

If you are interested in becoming a seasonal member of our team, please contact us with your resume or your name and a brief description of your related work experience, abilities and availability. We will be sure to get back to you if we have any open positions.

Lancaster Gardens is an equal opportunity employer. We do not discriminate against race, age, gender, ethnicity, religious affiliations, sexual orientation, social status, or who you vote for.