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Our wide variety of Tomatos have been grown from seed right here in our greenhouses. Available in multiple sizes and varieties including: Burpee Big Boy, Better Boy, Husky Red, Sweet Gold, Quali T 23, Health Kick, Patio, Red Cherry, Moby Grape, Lemon Boy, Golden Jubilee, Yellow Pear, Cherokee Purple, Juliet, Mr. Stripey, Viva Salsa, Tumbling Tom Red, Clemson Spineless, Celebrity, Big Beef, Roma, Cherry Falls, Grape, Better Bush, Better Boy, Early Doll, Supersweet 100    Available in 6-Packs, 4" Fiber Pots, 8" Patio Pots and Hanging Baskets.  (Not all Varieties available in all sizes. Varieties Subject to Availability)


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