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Dracaena are among some of the easiest houseplants to care for. They can tolerate any lighting situation, but will grow faster the brighter light is. They need water about once a week and can be sensitive to tap chemicals. These slow growers start in a bush like form with many leaves and as time goes on, the lower leaves drop to expose the trunk. Mature Dracaena can grow over 5 feet tall! This plant comes in multiple variagations and colors and is sure to be a winning addition to any houseplant collection. 

Varieties Include:

  • Dragon Tree - Skinny leaves and trunk. Commonly features pink and/or red highlights.
  • Corn Plant - Thicker leaves and trunk. Commonly features green and yellow highlights.
  • Song of India - A special Spiral form featuring bright yellow and green striped leaves
  • Florida Beauty - A bit different than the rest. This variety features white to yellow spots on its small rounded leaves and maintains its bush-like form.


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