Pre-Pay  &  Pick

This NEW option is available for people who are comfortable enough to enter our greenhouses, but still cautious enough to want a quick in-an-out visit! Luckily, a lot of our Summer stock is priced by the container size, not by what's growing in it, allowing us to provide this new simple solution!

Step 1.  Decide what size annual or vegetable you need, and how many

(Don't worry about varieties or colors just yet!)

Step 2. Make your selections and Prepay online

Step 3. Arrive at Lancaster Gardens and head straight to the greenhouses  

(Now is the time to select your specific varieties and colors)

Step 4. Grab a box and mix and match your favorites according to your order

Step 5. Confirm your prepaid list with any staff member, and you're good to go!

Here is How it Works:

**This option is NOT available for Delivery or Curbside Pick-up. This is strictly an option for people who want to make their own selections, but skip the line.**

 Please choose the 'pick-up' option during checkout

then simply come in to shop whenever you are ready!

If you prefer our staff to make your selections, please order from our 

Summer Selections menu HERE